Baby Boomers Are Nearing Retirement – Are They Prepared?

Steve Hicks, Co-CEO of Siena answers the questions about the coming retirement of the baby boomer generation on Michigan Business Beat hosted by Chris Holman. Steve answers what many baby boomers are doing in retirement to best prepare them for a successful financial future. Michigan Business Beat airs at 8:00 AM every Monday through Friday.  

Financial Insights Around The Globe

Siena Advisor, Stephen L. Hicks, drops by the Michigan Business Networks’ segment, Michigan Business Beat, to share his global financial insights with Jeffrey Mosher, stand in for host Chris Holman. Steve takes listeners around the globe discussing major financial issues of not only the American economy, but also what’s happening in Europe, Japan, and the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, and China). Lastly, Steve reviews the recent strength of the U.S. dollar and how it’s impacting international trade. Michigan Business Beat airs at 8:00 AM every Monday through Friday.  

Stephen Hicks Sits In As An Expert Panelist for WKAR’s Thinking Money

WKAR presented a free screening of Thinking Money: Psychology Behind Our Best and Worst Financial Decisions on April 14th. After the presentation, a panelist of four financial experts gathered to discuss the psychology behind our financial decisions.  Panelists included Stephen Hicks, Siena Wealth Advisors; Tiffany Dowling, M3 Group; April Clobes, MSU Federal Credit Union; and Debra van Hevele, Comerica Bank. Together they dive into the psychology behind our daily financial decisions, why we spend, why we save (or don’t), and how we think about money.  

How Can You Better Understand the Stock Market?

So, how can you better understand the stock market and all of the complexities that come with investing? For starters, ask the experts. Stephen L. Hicks, co-CEO/advisor of Siena Wealth Advisors, pops by The Michigan Business Networks’ segment Michigan Business Beat, hosted by Chris Holman, to provide insight on the stock market. Steve breaks down what has been happening in the stock market in the short term, but also long term as well. Michigan Business Beat airs at 8:00 AM every Monday through Friday.  

February Economic Update

Stephen L. Hicks, Siena Advisor, spends some time with host, Chris Holman on the Michigan Business Networks’ segment Michigan Business Beat to provide his February economic update. Listen in to find out exactly what is happening in the economy, how gas prices are affecting the worldwide culture and economic condition, and what you should be doing with your money. Steve is a regular contributor on Michigan Business Beat which airs at 8:00 AM every Monday through Friday.  

What Should You Expect in the 2015 Economy?

Stephen L. Hicks, JD, MBA, MS, CPA joins the Michigan Business Networks’ segment Business Beat hosted by Chris Holman.  Steve shares his insight into how 2014 went, what investors should expect in 2015 economically, and even where to put your money for the new year. Business Beat airs at 8:00 AM every Monday through Friday.  

About Siena Wealth Advisors

Stephen L. Hicks drops by the Michigan Business Networks’ segment Business Beat hosted by Chris Holman. In this segment, Chris interviews Steve about Siena Wealth Advisors and what exactly they offer to their clients and the community as a whole. Business Beat airs at 8:00 AM every Monday through Friday.

Seeking Your Success – Episode Eleven

Episode Eleven – Stephen Hicks is joined by special guest, Thomas Brown, Real Estate Broker from Assist to Sell. Segment One, Seeking Your Success – Stephen and Thomas discuss Thomas’ background and the topic of short sales. Segment Two, Seeking Your Success – Thomas talks about the benefits of a discounted broker and the costs of selling a home. Segment Three, Seeking Your Success – Stephen and Thomas discuss computer technology in the real estate market. Segment Four, Seeking Your Success -Thomas talks about the local real estate market recovery and national sales. Segment Five, Seeking Your Success – Thomas gives listeners the steps for the seller in a short sale…

Seeking Your Success – Episode Ten

Episode Ten – Stephen Hicks, co-CEO and advisor for Siena Wealth Advisors, discusses alternative investments, his experience with annuities, investing in gold, and high yield bonds. Segment One, Seeking Your Success – Stephen discusses alternative investments. Are convertible bonds recommended for investment? Segment Two, Seeking Your Success – Find out why or why you should not invest in equity index annuities. Segment Three, Seeking Your Success – Stephen shares his experiences with bad annuity investments. Segment Four, Seeking Your Success -Stephen shares more stories of bad annuity investments. Segment Five, Seeking Your Success – Should you invest in gold? Stephen explains how to make this decision. Segment Six, Seeking Your Success – High yield bonds,…

Seeking Your Success – Episode Nine

Episode Nine – On this episode of Seeking Your Success, Stephen covers a wide range of financial and economic topics ranging from the LIBOR to making trades to European financials. Segment One, Seeking Your Success -Stephen takes a listener question. “Why are financial planners getting a bad wrap?” Segment Two, Seeking Your Success – Stephen explains LIBOR, what is it and what is the scandal? He also shares his knowledge of his time spent working in the LIBOR pit. Segment Three, Seeking Your Success – Stephen answers a listener question. “How can Mitt Romney relate to the common people when he only pays 15% taxes?” Segment Four, Seeking…