6 Reasons for Using Siena to Manage Your Retirement Plans

Siena Wealth Advisors is not your typical financial service provider. Our clients find these six distinctions key to having Siena manage their retirement plans:

  1. Advisor Managed Portfolios — Siena creates and manages Advisor Managed Portfolios for your plan.  These provide an effective single-choice option for your participants. The portfolios give participants the ability to make a single choice and be done with the investment decision. Siena manages the portfolio for the participant by rebalancing on a quarterly basis and making changes to the funds or allocations as events warrant. The investment management responsibility is done by a professional advisor providing greater benefit to the participants.
  2. Free Individual Advice — Siena provides direct advice to your participants at no additional cost. We meet individually with any of your participants who want more help beyond the educational materials provided.
  3. Expert Team — Siena assembles and coordinates an expert team of service providers, including record keepers, custodians and fund companies. By having an Expert Team concept to the management of your 401(k) plan we rely on professional advice from people who have the knowledge and experience.
  4. Protection — Siena assumes our role as your plan’s fiduciary in writing and provides your plan’s trustees a critical level of liability protection. Unlike most providers in the 401(k) industry, Siena is willing to assume the liability for both monitoring the plan and managing the plan’s assets.
  5. No Commissions or Hidden Fees — Siena does not accept fund commissions  which are often used by the 401(k) industry to obscure true plan costs. As part of our commitment to making sure our clients are well-informed about the fees for their plan, we periodically provide a report from an independent firm comparing Siena’s fees to a benchmark group of plans with similar assets, participants and plan features.
  6. Unparalleled Experience and Education — Siena Wealth Advisors is built upon a system involving our experience and education in investing, accounting, finance, law and business. We are experts in protecting and growing wealth, and provide an unparalleled knowledge that crosses the disciplines and results in a deep understanding and smarter approach to wealth management.